ProCharge is a revolutionary new formula that is designed for anyone who needs high quality protein for quick consumption. ProCharge provides the same advantages as liquid water enhancers except that ProCharge also includes great tasting protein and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. ProCharge is the highest concentrated liquid protein enhancer on the market- 20 grams of protein per one ounce! This is a complex formula that took years of research and development. That’s why it is revolutionary – there is nothing like it available in the market today. ProCharge is a liquid protein enhancer that combines a great tasting formula with a convenient portable solution with many different potential uses to get protein on-the-go. on your kitchen counter to get the benefits of the product’s flexibility.

Messy powder proteins are a thing of the past. ProCharge is the future of protein!

Why do we need protein in our daily diet?

Protein is a fundamental requirement in our daily diet. It makes up a main building block of the body. Without protein our body would cease to be. Protein is made up of long linked molecules called Amino Acids. Now the human body can not make all of the necessary amino acids it requires in order to function to the full capability. We need to ingest the remain essential amino acids from foods like meat, fish or chicken. ProCharge contains all of the required essential amino acids to make up a healthy protein diet. If the human is receiving the proper amount of protein per day it can help attribute to healthy weight loss and an increase in muscle mass and natural energy levels. If the body is ingesting a healthy amount of protein it will not need to use outside stimulates like caffeine in order to increase energy levels. ProCharge provides all the attributes of a healthy protein source.

ProCharge – Fast & Effective Protein

  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Advanced absorption capabilities that benefit muscles & joints
  • No clean up necessary
  • 20 grams of protein per ounce (oz); 40 grams per bottle!
  • Tastes great in beverages/water, with food or straight out of the bottle

Attention Protein Users!

  1. Enjoy cleaning your shakers from protein powders? Neither do we. After cleaning up the mess time and time again, something clicked! ProCharge is fast, easy to use, and does not leave a mess after each use. Powder = Messy. Liquid = Clean.
  2. Have you ever left your used protein bottle in a car on a hot summer day? Then, open the container to have your nostrils greeted by a smell you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemies. Well, ProCharge doesn’t coat your reusable bottle with that unbearable smell in case you parked your car on the equator.
  3. Most liquid flavor enhancers that you squirt into your water bottle don’t contain protein. Protein is a key element in energy, wellness and recovery. In our opinion, liquid flavor enhancers are missing one key thing. PROTEIN.
  4. How many times have you left your protein at the gym, in your house or at your job? More times than you can count on one hand we bet. ProCharge fits in your pocket, which means you can take it anywhere and everywhere. Protein + Travel = ProCharge.
  5. Protein bars are getting bigger and bigger as companies begin to incorporate more protein in their ingredients. Don’t bother eating a brick of protein when you can easily add up to 40 grams of protein to your beverage, meal or applied directly into your mouth with ProCharge.
  6. Trying to find new ways to incorporate protein into your diet? ProCharge provides a high quality protein in a convenient, ready-to-use container. Add some to your salad, pancakes or in your coffee.

ProCharge is made for everyone

  • Richard the Runner who needs a quick shot of protein after a 5K around his neighborhood.
  • Sarah the Student Athlete who juggles class and baseball practice everyday at school.
  • Otis the Office Manager who has a protein drink every morning before checking his inbox.
  • Travis the Trucker who needs a lot of fast acting protein without making any extra stops on his route.
  • Stacy the Stay-At-Home-Mom who doesn’t have enough room in the kitchen for giant protein tubs and needs a smaller protein application.

When we designed ProCharge, we made it for everyone. We are very proud of this product and believe you will love it too. ProCharge is specially designed to improve the way people consume healthy protein on a daily basis. ProCharge is a breakthrough product delivering results while enhancing all walks of life. ProCharge may assist the elderly or hospitalized patients with the way they ingest healthy protein. Its liquid form provides a variety of application utilities such as on food, in beverages or even through a tube. Some words that industry professionals have used for ProCharge include groundbreaking, exciting, fantastic and “the future.”